I'm not good at yoga!

I'm not good at yoga because NO ONE is good at yoga.

I get messages all of the time where people start with 'I'm not good but..' or 'I'm a beginner..'

Here's the thing about yoga. No one is good at it. You will never be perfect and you can never "master" any part of it. The purpose of yoga is to practice, the more you practice the easier it becomes. Just like any skill we have in life: drawing, driving, cooking, reading, writing, singing. Each person is unique and has their very own set of skills. While I can stand on my head now, I've never been able to stand on my hands. I've been practicing handstands for about five years and I'm just now able to hold it for about 10 seconds. Does that make someone that can handstand easily a better yogi than me?

Absolutely not.

Everyone and every body is different. Everyone and everybody is a yoga body. No matter what or where you are in this journey of life, yoga is accessible for you RIGHT NOW. In this very moment.. not next week, not next year, not when you lose weight/gain weight, not when the baby is grown, not when you change jobs, not when the pandemic is over. Of course, yoga will be here if you do decide to wait. I'm simply saying don't impose the idea that you're not ready or good enough or any other excuse you may have about why you cannot do yoga.

You are perfect.

You are strong.

You are exactly where you need to be right now.

Yoga can also be exactly what you need it to be. I came to yoga strictly for the physical benefits, and honestly.. I really just came to look cool in the aerial silks. If you need yoga to be an exercise, then that is perfect. If you need yoga to improve your flexibility, then that is perfect. If you need yoga to develop a meditation practice, then that is perfect. If you need yoga to connect you more to your breath and breathing exercises, then that is perfect. If you need yoga to make you sweat, then that is perfect. If you need yoga to make you feel grounded and calm, then that is perfect. If you need yoga to chant, then that is perfect. If you need yoga for any reason, then that is the perfect reason.

I'm hosting a virtual Beginner Vinyasa series online. I hope the time works well for yogis in America as well as this side of the world in Japan (and surrounding regions). I cannot wait to be able to connect with some of my friends and family in a way that I haven't before. The goal of this series is to teach you the foundation of a yoga practice. I want you to feel welcome, loved, and successful. We will go over some of the most popular poses so you can be familiar with names. We will talk about the different types of sun salutations and what that even means. We will go over a few basic pranayama breathing exercises. I will have some time after class to answer any questions you may have about anything at all.

I want to add that every single person you see doing yoga anywhere was a beginner. Being a beginner is a sacred time. In yoga, especially for teachers, we try to maintain a "beginner's mind" to allow ourselves to learn and receive teaching without judgments. I remember very vividly my first yoga classes, and I still find myself exploring new things in my yoga practice. Things are always so exciting when they're new.

The Universe has perfect timing. I hope you join me! Look for the class under the "offerings" page on my website.

Namasté, Yogis!

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