June Offerings

If May 2020 taught me anything it was to go with the flow and celebrate all of the small wins. We were under quarantine and not even allowed to get food from restaurants for most of it. Out of nowhere I decided to host my first yoga series, which was all online. I was blown away by the love and support I felt. I had all kinds of people I've known from different times in my life attended. And I loved it so much.

Teaching yoga online meant that I taught in my living room and not in a peaceful studio. It meant my students were in their homes where they felt comfortable. It meant that they didn't really see other students for comparison. It meant my students couldn't really see me so my verbal instructions needed to be stronger. It meant that my dogs would occasionally bark. It meant that my head wasn't always in my video while I was demonstrating. It was raw, it was real, and it was beautiful. Starting yoga should feel easy and real. Just like starting anything new, it can be a little intimidating and I really felt like online yoga made that first step easier.

So I decided to continue to have online offerings. All online classes and workshops will be recorded so they can be watched whenever is most convenient. With the world opening again it is important to note that life and times will be flexible over the next month.

Here are my offerings:


Happy Hips! (June Series)

In June I will be hosting an online series called Happy Hips! You guessed it, this four week series will focus on hip health, mobility, and flexibility. Tight hips are a typically a result of everyday life. This series is great for anyone that sits for long periods of time for work, or driving. It is also very beneficial for runners. Some benefits of working on the hips include: improved flexibility, increased circulation, decreased back pain, and improved range of motion. Ever have trouble picking something up off of the floor? This series is for you!

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Moon Workshops

I will be hosting two online workshops in June, a Full Moon Workshop and a New Moon Workshop. If you've never been to a yoga workshop these are a little different from a typical yoga class. These two will be 1.5 hours long and they will come with a PDF printout about the information taught in class. These workshops will be about 30 minutes of lecture and 60 minutes of physical asana practice.

-Full Moon Workshop: Learn about the energy around the full moon and how to work with it. This workshop will include instructions on moon salutations.

-New Moon Workshop: Learn about the energy around the new moon and how to work with it. Find deep relaxation and rest in this restorative workshop.

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Socially Distanced Sunset Sundays

I am planning on hosting in person beach yoga around sunset on Sundays here in Okinawa. These will all be weather permitting, and based on the restrictions in place at the time. This class will have a limited amount of students so be sure to sign up early.

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As always, reach out if you have any questions.

with all of the light and love,



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