Late January Reset

January 17th is the date that most New Year's Resolutions fail. I'm honestly not even sure that I've started working on my 2021 intentions yet. Which is why I'm hosting a challenge! So if you're feeling like you've already fallen off of the path on the way to your goals, or if you feel like you haven't even taken the first step, then this challenge is for you. This is the sort of thing that I enjoy to jump start my healthy habits.

Here's the deal...

This challenge will be mostly on Instagram so be sure to follow me @risingsunyogi! It will last for a week, 8 days really as we're going from Sunday to Sunday, January 24th to the 31st. There will be daily challenges on Instagram and a few weekly challenges too. You're encouraged to post a picture and tag me with either a yoga pose or you completing the daily challenge. These tags are for me to help cheer you on!! In addition to the daily challenges found on Instagram there will be challenges that last throughout the week. Don't worry, I'll outline all of these below. I have posted a 15 minute yoga flow and a 5 minute mediation here on my website for you to practice daily.

Daily Challenges


Spend at least half an hour on self care. Self care is so important but often our society treats it as a luxury or a treat. I'm here to tell you that it is a necessity for your life. This is also why we have two Sundays in the challenge. Self care looks different for everyone. Maybe you enjoy a fancy bubble bath with flowers (my fav), or a full facial at home with a luxurious facemask, or a massage, or a power nap. I don't care what it is that you do, but for at least 30 minutes think of only taking care of yourself.


This one might seem a little difficult but I promise you it is easier than you think. Having one day a week where you don't eat any meat can make a huge impact on the environment. Well, truthfully, it would take a lot of people participating in meatless Monday for it to really have an effect. That's the idea though. If we have a lot of people making really small changes then we can see a big change. Also, we should all be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables anyway. It is one day so give it a try.


It is as simple as it sounds. Spend an hour before you go to bed without any screens. No TV, no cellphone, no iPad, no other screens you may be looking at in your evenings. I have screen times on my phone because if my apps don't work my phone is useless. I still find myself picking it up to scroll mindlessly but having everything grey and not working reminds me to put it back down. I feel like every person I've met has trouble sleeping. Our screens are sources of constant stimulation not giving our brains the time to actually turn off and get ready to sleep. So, just for tonight (or for the rest of your life) avoid screens for an hour before you go to sleep.


When I talk to people about when they most feel free or inspired or alive they almost always mention it is when they feel close to nature. Why do we plan vacations around being on the beach with no phones, or in the mountains where there is no cell reception, but spend our days avoiding being outside? When we're upset we say things like "I need some fresh air". So today, spend some time outside. Sit on your balcony or porch. Take a walk in a nearby park. Dance in the rain. Drive to the lake. Spend an hour in nature. It is good for the soul. I promise.


I posted some polls about what this challenge should look like and meditation and journaling were very close, but meditation won. Today, we're journaling! Gratitue journaling is one of my favortie things to do. When I start writing down all of the things I am grateful for it feels like the words never stop coming. I realize how many incredible, amazing, big, small, magical things I have in my life. I know that the more I jouranl about my gratitue, the more innately happy I am in life. Today, take some time to sit down and write about all the incredible things that you are grateful for.


What is the point of living if not to have fun? We're keeping it simple today. Spend an hour doing something you enjoy doing. This can be something you really like, but don't usually make time for. An hour goes by so much faster than you think. You know the saying "time flies when you're having fun"! You can spend an hour paiting, having a dance party, singing karaoke in the car, reading a book, playing with your animals (or children if you've got those), riding a bike, riding a longboard, making a fancy new recipe, having lunch with friends, literally anything that brings you joy. Make the time.


Okay, so this one is pretty self explanitory. New things are intimdating sometimes, but everything you've ever done you've had to do it once for the first time. That's why today we're trying something new. I just started learning how to longboard, and let me tell you that falling is scary. It's so hard and I keep track of how many times I have ever skated to see that I'm getting better. It took me until my 5th time on the board to not fall. I very vividly have a memory of my first ever yoga class and that anxious feeling. Here I am almost five years later teaching 9 yoga classes a week and practcing in my freetime for funsies. My point is, you never know if you like something if you don't try it. So get out there today and do something for the first time!

Weekly Challenges

In addition to all of those fun daily challenges, I have some weekly challenges for you too.

Exercise Daily

15 minutes - Here is a 15 minutes yoga flow

Meditate Daily

5 minutes - Here is a 5 minute meditation

There are also other great options with Insight Timer and the Calm app. Headspace just released a netflix series that has a short mediation at the end. This helps explain more about how to mediate.

Drink Water

You get it. Stay hydrated. This improves digestion, skin, energy levels. All of the good stuff.

8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep is so imporatnt. Get that rest in.

Alcohol Free

I know this one might be a hard sell in the middle of a pandemic with lots of restrictions (especilaly during a deployment for me), but hear me out. Being alcohol free is really nice. I spent over 6 months last year not drinking and I was in such great shape and I realize how often we drank for funsies. I did not miss hangovers and I felt so good in my body. Having that time "not drinking" makes it easier for me to say "I'm not drinking" when going out now. Plus, it is astonishing how fast people get drunk when you're not drinking.

That's it!

Please join us! Post your photos on instagram, tag me, and use the hashtag #LateJanuaryReset. The best part of this challenge is that there are no prizes! The prize is spending a week showing yourself love. So here's to starting this new year off right again!

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