Long Time No Blog... Plus Moon Manifestation Series

I'll be honest, I have had a very hard time finding the energy to put into my blog, website, and instagram lately. I didn't do a very good job of promoting my last series, but I truly have some of the best online students. I always look forward to teaching my online classes. They are so fun, different, and relaxed. We explore yogic topics that I love to discuss and teach. So, I have to really ask myself why I've had such a hard time putting energy into something that I truly enjoy.

The Rant: (feel free to skip)

The truth is that this ever changing pandemic life has really rained on my parade. Here in Okinawa the restrictions are constantly changing and breaking these restrictions can result in serious consequences. Each time it feels like we take a step forward we almost immediately take two steps back. In the last year and some change we've been allowed to eat inside of a restaurant for a total of 21 days. I'd say maybe half of this year we were allowed to eat outside of restaurant and a 1/3 we weren't even allowed to get takeout. You can't travel. You can travel locally. You can travel to mainland. You cannot travel to mainland. I know these are small things and I am happy, healthy, and very fortunate during this pandemic. But damn.. Its still exhausting.

The Positives:

Spring time is brining the energy I so desperately need to recharge my positivity. I know things are looking better. I finally got some big things scheduled like a Yoga Retreat! (Which might get cancelled or postponed but the universe has divine timing.) Flowers are blooming. It's warm enough for the beach. I've been teaching a lot this year and taking online courses. I'm always learning and trying to grow as a yoga teacher. I also know that so so so many of my friends feel the same way about things right now. Just knowing that you're not alone in feeling drained makes feeling drained so much less worse. Now, I'm here to bring more of me out into the light of the world again. As I crawl out from the shadows of my yoga room I am prepared to create and soak up as much sunshine as I possibly can. I'll start with this series that I am pumped about!

Moon Manifestation Series:

I am so excited for this series! I have been wanting to teach a moon series for a long time, but the timing never worked out. Until now. The Universe has a way of timing things perfectly. This is a short online series with one class per week for four weeks. We're starting April 13th in Japan at 9AM (April 12th in America 7PM CST) and ending on May 4th. For each class we will talk about the current moon phase and the energy it represents. We will also talk about how we can work with that energy to manifest. When we manifest we use strategies to help us meet goals or bring things into existence. These strategies will include journaling, meditating, and asana because moving your body in a sacred way, clearing your mind to understand, and asking for what you truly want in life is nothing short of magic.

When I was in India in Feb 2020, I had a really intense connection with the moon. I knew in that moment I needed to know more about the moon, her energy, and how it effects me. Since then, I have been learning about and working with the moon phases in my daily life. I can almost always tell you what phase we are in and if not I can look at the moon and know. Which sounds very simple, but I lived so many years of my life not even noticing these shifts. Now that I am aware and excited about all things moon I notice how much the moon really influences life. My mom is a school teacher and I would always hear "it must be a full moon" when the days were especially difficult. The word "month" and "Monday" come from the moon. I actually noticed this first in Japanese which shows how universal the moon is/was in the development of civilizations. Okay, that's all for today. If you want to know more I'd love to have you in class. Sign up here

Online yoga classes are so much fun. From my living room to yours with so much love!

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