Mythology & Movement

It is time for a new online series! For the past 16 weeks I've been teaching about Pantanjali's 8 limbs of yoga with my online yoga community. This has been a really wonderful experience for me to dive deeper into my understanding of the yogic path. I really enjoyed shifting my focus from studying the limbs to teaching about them to others. Before I took my first yoga teacher training I knew I wanted to take my 300 hour training and eventually host my own yoga teacher trainings. These past weeks have helped me create a foundation of leaning and teaching that will eventually become my own trainings. For that, I am eternally grateful.

The chakra series is the first series that turned my online classes from yoga to (what my dear friend Mona calls it) "the learning and the stretching". These classes have become almost mini-workshops. We spend the first half of the class learning about and discussing the topic - the learning. The second half of class is meant for the asana - the stretching. To me, this sets my online classes apart from the other seven yoga classes I teach each week. This gives a sense of focus, discussion, and community to each class. I know there is a lot of yoga online, and I know there are amazing teachers providing amazing content. I have yet to find anything that holds the same sort of magic that my online series have. So, I am following the same format in this next series. Here's to hoping you will join me.

Mythology & Movement

Some of my absolute favorite topics to discuss are Hindu deities and the legends behind them. Hinduism is one of the oldest living religion the third largest in the world. Truthfully, I know almost nothing of this amazing religion. However, many yoga poses are named after deities and these are the legends I will be discussing in this series. I find these stories to be so very fascinating that I simply cannot stop learning about them.

In this series, each week we will discuss the story behind one selected asana and the practice will be focused around it as well. We will meet once a week for five weeks on Tuesdays 1000 JST/Monday 1900CST from January 26th - February 23rd. This series is perfect for beginners to advanced practitioners. Anyone willing to learn and move is welcome to join. We will be covering a few of the following poses and a few more. Sing up here!

Hanumanasana - Monkey Pose - Splits Pose

Natarajasana - Lord of the Dance Pose - Dancer Pose

Vrikshasana - Tree Pose


Finally... Late-January Reset Challenge

You might have seen that I put out some polls asking for input on a challenge. The truth is this year I feel like I didn't get a really great start to the year. I feel like I missed that "New Year - let me get my shit together" magic. So.. I'm doing it again. You're invited. I'll do my best to get more details out in the new few days, but you can expect it to start Sunday, January the 24th. I had intended this to be a mid-January reset, but COVID has made deployments even more unpredictable than they were before.. and let me tell you, it was crazy before. I enjoyed my extra time with my husband and living my life. For that, I will never apologize.

Wishing you the very best,


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