Why the name Rising Sun Yogi?

First, I think we should also talk about the word "yogi". To some it has a deep meaning of a truly dedicated spiritual person that has reached full enlightenment, but to me all being are yogis. We are all part of this great experience that is life which means if they are a yogi, then I am a yogi, and you are also a yogi because we are all one. Give this word "yogi" the power you want it to have. If that means this is reserved for only the enlightened beings then that is exactly the power it needs to have for you. Please, do not by offended by my take of the word "yogi" as that is the power that I choose to give this word. I see all beings as yogis, including myself.

Since you're here you've probably noticed that my yoga business is "Rising Sun Yogi". I am far from enlightenment, but I am firmly on the path of yoga. I have been on this path for much longer than I have known. I am also a strong believer in the Universe. I think all things happen for a reason, and it is up to us to notice or understand why. Often we think the choices we make or the things we do are random to later realize there was another reason all along. Have you ever bought something with the intention to use it, but it never gets put to use. So you just hold on to it. It sits there unused. Then, months later for a totally different project that thing is the perfect fit? This is kind of how the name Rising Sun Yogi came about.

When living in Texas I was part of one of the most amazing yoga communities I have been lucky enough to experience. Fresh out of my 200 hour yoga teacher training I had no idea what I was doing. I had so much to learn and these women were so incredible I still can't believe I got so lucky. These yogis had beautiful websites, retreat businesses, opened new studios, started their own YTT programs, had their yoga business branded, and NY Times articles written about them. We drank wine, did yoga on the beach, and simply loved each other. I learned so much from each of them, and the one thing I really wanted was to brand myself as a yoga teacher.

When it was time to leave Corpus Christi we found out we were moving to Japan and I was elated. I couldn't (and still can't) believe that I was going to live in Japan! Growing up I knew I was meant to go places, but I never dreamed of moving to the other side of the planet. (Thanks, Universe!) Taking what I had learned from my friends I set the intention to brand myself as a yoga teacher in Japan. I wanted something that subtly say "Japan" that I could grow with in the future. Japan is the land of the rising sun. This is how I decided on Rising Sun Yogi.

While we lived in North Carolina (before Japan) I was fortunate to teach at one of the most magical studios I have ever walked in to. When I walked in I said "this place has good energy" and I had no idea what that even meant. Dani, the owner of Infinite Yoga and Wellness, was one of the first people that helped me jump into the more spiritual side of yoga. She hosted ceremonies, women's circles, and believed the magic of the universe. She gave me books that I read years later (the universe has perfect timing) that really got down deep into my heart. It wasn't until I was a few days into rereading Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell that I realized I was RISING Sun Yogi. This entire book is about connecting with your divine feminine energy and rising up to live your truest most authentic life.

Did my name have anything to do with Japan or did it have everything to do with me rising to my yogic potential? All I know is that the universe makes no mistakes, and I'm here for it.

I am rising. I am sun. I am yogi.

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