Yoga & Elements followed by Dosha Yoga

I am so excited to start a new series after an incredibly difficult couple of weeks. My online series always brings me so much joy to teach and this one will be no different! We're talking about the elements. This five weeks series can easily stand alone but it creates a nice foundation for the follow on three week series Dosha Yoga.

Yoga & Elements

You may have guessed that we'll be working through the elements week by week in this five part series and you would be correct. This class format will follow my unique style of 'teach and flow'. You can expect to learn about the element of the week and I'll answer any questions you may have before we practice an elemental themed asana class. This gives your mind and body something to process throughout the week. These are almost like mini-workshops.

In this series we'll be covering the elements in a broad sense. One thing I love about the elements is that they present themselves in so many ways in our lives. You can see them in our bodies and their functions. You can see the in nature. You can find them in astrology, tarot, and zodiac. You will also learn how we can channel these elements during our physical yoga practice. We'll move from most heaviest to lightest in a sense.

- earth

- water

- fire

- air

- spirit/ether

Starts June 1st 9AM Japan- Monday 7PM in America.

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Dosha Yoga

I recently took an incredible course in Ayurveda with Haunani at Qi And Prana. I had read a few ayurveda books before but I had trouble truly understanding the information. After her course I feel so much more confident in my knowledge and understanding of this ancient wisdom. The part I found the most interesting was my dosha. I think it might be the most popular part of ayurveda in the west. I love anything that helps me get to know myself on a deeper level. This is actually how these series came about... me talking to all of my friends about the doshas and everything I learned!

This will be a very introductory level class on the three doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. Each week we will briefly discuss the dosha followed by a yoga practice that best suits that dosha. Basically, there are three doshas that are each a combination of two elements. Each person has their own unique constitution of the most dominant dosha or doshas. If this already seems complicated I promise this class will make it understandable and easy to digest. Before we get started I suggest taking a dosha quiz to identify what your constitution may be using one of the links below.


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